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Sam Killermann

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Meet Sam Killermann

Sam Killermann

Sam Killermann is a multi-disciplinary artist who puts his gifts to work to achieve global justice. Sam is the person behind It's Pronounced Metrosexual, the online resource that has educated millions of readers on themes of social justice, gender, and sexuality.

Killermann's work (that he uncopyrighted in 2013) has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of people around the world who utilize it to bolster their educational and advocacy efforts toward equity. His versions of the Genderbread Person, a model for understanding and teaching gender and sexual diversity, have been translated into over a dozen languages.

In 2014, Sam designed an all-gender restroom sign that he gifted to the commons, which is now being implemented on three continents, is featured in the White House, and is becoming the standard for dozens of communities around the U.S. and world.

Sam is the author of A Guide to Gender, co-author of Unlocking the Magic of Facilitation, and has contributed chapters to, illustrated, and edited, several other books. A Guide to Gender opened as the #1 bestseller in gender on Amazon, and as a reflection of Sam's commitment to access as a core social justice value, he's gifted over 15,000 copies of the book for free. He gave a well-received TEDxTalk that has over 300,000 views called "Understanding the Complexities of Gender", where he distilled the themes of the book into a few minutes of fun, energetic, and easily-digestible speech.

Sam is the co-creator of The Safe Zone Project, a free online resource for LGBTQ and Ally training materials. The open source curriculum they published is being used by over 25,000 educators in at least 103 countries.

Outside of his key initiatives, Sam is a frequent keynote speaker, was featured in National Geographic's 2017 Documentary "Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric", hosts the podcast Heretic: Social Justice, Minus Dogma, makes political shirts for Every Shirt Is Political, was named a “Person We Love” by Yes! Magazine, awarded Austin “Changemaker", and is always dreaming up new social good projects.

When he’s not on the road, he likes to spend at least a few hours a day bicycling around sunny Austin, TX, where he counts himself lucky to live, with his partner and his puppy.

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Three-time TEDxTALKER

Sam's given TEDxTalks about Dreams, Gender, and Activism. Watch his rhymey, short, and info-packed "Understanding the Complexities of Gender" talk.

Sam Killermann TEDxTALK Youtube Thumbnail

A General Keynote

While no two keynotes are the same, the recipe Sam follows looks something like the following.

  • 70%
    Facts & Data
  • 35%
  • 85%

Following in the wisdom of Mary Poppins, Sam believes that a little sugar (in the form of humor and stories) helps the facts-based-medicine go down.

A Few Key Details

If you're bringing Sam in to speak at your event, some of these may come in handy.

  • Homebase: Austin, TX
  • Favorite Airline: Southwest
  • Hotel Preference: AirBnB or Local
  • Fees: Gift Economy (ask and we'll explain)
  • Check Made Out To: hues (100% of Sam's speaking benefits hues)
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What types of things does Sam do?

The short answer: lots. Below are the types of talks he's most known for, and the themes into which his various offerings align.


Need someone to set the tone for your conference or event? Looking for a talk on themes of global justice, gender, sexuality, identity, or activism? About 3 in 4 conference organizers who have had Sam keynote their event have said his was the best keynote they've ever had.


For middle school, junior high, and high school, Sam gives engaging, memorable, and outcome-oriented assemblies on a variety of themes, including the Platinum Rule, gender, consent, community, and healthy self-expression.


Often paired with a talk, Sam facilitates workshops that dive deep into a particular topic, in the hopes of helping participants find actionable, concrete insight. All workshops are highly interactive, and work best in smaller groups, but can be modified for larger audiences.


In need of capacity building? Have a group of facilitators (professionals, volunteers, or students) whose role is to train others on a topic related to global justice, gender, or sexuality, and who need some help? After all, Sam co-wrote the a book on facilitation.


If you're looking for input on a social good project, trying to improve your non-profit organization's online presence and efficacy, tailor your services to be more inclusive of all, or any other problem that falls within Sam's multi-disciplinary wheelhouse, he offers limited consulting to orgs whose missions align with his.

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Looking for Sam to engage your audience, group, or organization in a way that's not listed here? Sam has appeared in documentaries, facilitated panels, and been interviewed on countless media programs.


What themes does Sam speak about?

Below are Sam's favorite themes to talk about (updated regularly), that are organized by ideal audience and the ways they can be delivered. We can generally combine multiple ideas, and the list is not exhaustive — if you've seen something Sam's written about or created that isn't reflected below, there's a good chance he's willing to talk about it.

Keynote Assembly Workshop Train-the-Trainer Consulting

Theme Audience Format
Why's and How's of Social Justice People new to social justice (from students to professionals)
Social Justice, Minus Dogma Communities already familiar with social justice language & concepts
Gender Identity, Expression, & Sex People without an introductory understanding of gender diversity
Facilitation Key Concepts Teachers, Educators, Leaders, Counselors, Trainers, Peer Facilitators, and anyone who engages groups in process
Understanding Social Identities & Privilege Everyone wondering why they're hearing so much about "identity" & "privilege", from students to professionals
Effective Activism, Online & IRL Aspiring activists, or communities with goals of changing culture

Reactions to Sam's Talks

We'll let these kind words speak for themselves.

Sam was amazing! He was so engaging with the students and overall folks really enjoyed him. I have not heard that group laugh so hard in a long time. So many were impressed and approached me to tell me that they loved Sam. To be able to take some pretty hard subjects and educate folks through humor and real life experience is true talent.

Caitlin Borges, M.A., Area Coordinator, University of Dayton

Sam's presentation style is like no other: dynamic, charismatic, accessible, and inviting. Our middle and high school students are still talking about him and continually refer to his presentation on snap judgments and the platinum rule in the classroom and amongst friends. He is an amazing educator and role model.

Justine Fonte, M.Ed, MPH, Dalton School Health Coordinator

I could not have wished for a better experience in bringing Sam to Northern Illinois University. Sam is not only a fantastic individual, but his performance was more than we could have hoped for. Sam’s team made it easy when it came to bringing him to campus, on top of that, he made the experience personable for all the students who met him and came to his performance. It was a memorable event that many students still talk about, not to mention - he is absolutely hilarious.

I recommend any university to bring Sam to campus; it is an experience that is well worth the planning! No matter where I end up in my career, I plan on bringing Sam to speak again.

Rebecca Borowiak, Co-President for AHESA, Northern Illinois University

This guy is so funny, but that is the least of who he is. He is first and foremost a Social Justice Advocate. His use of funny stories is a mere vehicle for an important underlying message. He demystifies gender, sexuality, human relationships and the self. He is kind, gentle, loving and engaging. You want to have a beer with him, or eat a meal with him. Our students loved him, and we all left his presence having been changed in a very deep and meaningful way. This is why you should bring him to your campus, conference or living room.

Linda G. Jordan, MA, JD, Psychology Department, Skagit Valley College

Videos & Headshots

Headshots for event promotion, and two videos of talks Sam has given that might give you a sense of his stage presence and personality.

TEDxTalk: Understanding the Complexities of Gender

Sam's most popular TEDxTalk, distilling his book, "A Guide to Gender," into about 15 minutes of digestible, sometimes-rhyming, explanation.

Nerd Nite: Gender, from Boxes to "-Ness"

A short history of Sam's work, from his contributions to the Genderbread Person to his appearance in "Gender Revolution", delivered over beers for a bunch of nerds in Austin, TX.


Useful for promoting your event. No copyright restrictions, so you're welcome to edit them to suit your needs.

Sam has a mailing list.

It's called the "Brain Trust". He doesn't send a lot of emails, but when he does they have links to things he's made or written, and updates on his tour schedule.


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